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Where i'm at currently 7-21-2017

Currently you can do the following:

  • Create a character
  • Start with existing character
  • Go online
  • Chat
  • Create Rooms
  • Areas available:
    • Lobby
    • City
    • Forest 1 - very soon!

I decided i'm going to keep the character data offline as a local file much like it was in the original PSO games. This way i don;t have to focus on managing characters in a database and can actually focus on the game itself. Also keeping characters offline will reduce latency since grabbing items, selling, deleting items, leveling up, learning abilities, training a mag will not require a connection online to perform.

Plan to update the app in a couple days that will allow access to the forest. Since there's no shop (yet) i'm gonna leave some item drops in the lobby people can pickup for starting gear.

Converted over the saber animations, now i need to add an enemy in to fight and flesh out the battle system.