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This is interesting.

Hello, I just stumbled across this project somehow. I was/am a big fan of PSO and I here to offer potential help. I'm not sure what I can do exactly, but I am a fairly good programmer and I have an eye for detail ( though not all that artistic ).

Hey thanks for dropping in, i had this project going a couple years ago but put it on hiatus. But i'm back working on it again.

Currently there's almost no need for artistic stuff since most of the media is being extracted from the original game and reformatted to work in unity.

Most of the programming is in C#, i could definitely use some help with getting things working and ported over. Things like stats and how damage is calculated etc etc still needs to be put in the game.

Currently where i'm at is, you can create a character, log into the lobby and chat/interact with other people online. You can make a room and go into the city area as well as the forest. I don't have the shop menus done anything yet so all that stuff needs to be programmed still.


Do you have any experience working in Unity?

Yes I do, I've been working with it all summer at my university. How are you extracting the assets from original game?

i've been using a variety of tools i've found online made for extracting assets from the original game files. it's been quite a chore converting some of them.

Well I can say this project looks very promising with the progress that’s being made and I can say the PSO Community will be very pleased with it (If not already)

I have plans later to start testing any version of this I can obtain and test it out to make sure I find any bugs you’re not already aware of, that and I just wanna play it  lol, it looks very nice 🙂

Still needs a lot of work. i'm essentially building the game from the ground up code wise, it's not compatible with existing PSO servers. I am trying to stay true to the original spawnrates, calculations, stats etc etc using what information i can find. I may change the networking to utilize the existing PSOBB open source server that's made in unity. that would probably make this transition easier and could even fuse the two projects on github.


As it is though i have to hunt down my resources for the game as i rebuilt my computer recently and most of the files are on an older hard drive.