Battle System Testing

Started working on the Battle system a bit, i’m trying really hard to keep it as close to the original as possible. Targeting and attacking as well as being hit feel pretty damn close already as you can see in the video.

Weapon Animation Test

Getting the Equipment manager done, now on to actually using a weapon. Here i am testing out the animations for the Saber.


I have Basic Equipment working now, i don’t have the stats set yet. But you can pick up the weapon drops and equip them from within the inventory page.


Forest 1

Doing some edits to the Forest before open it up as a playable area. Using 3d Ripper DX on the map loader causes some weird scaling and rotation issues which i need to fix. Also the UV mapping on some of the cutout textures needs work as well.


iPSO is back as Pocket PSO

I decided i wanted to resurrect this fan game i started years ago. After a few weeks of converting over the newer version of Unity and switching the game to use photon networking i now have a playable demo available.

Also i am building a mobile version that can run on android, iphone as well soon.


Just letting you know i didn’t give up

Well, had some life changing stuff happen this year and i haven’t been able to work on this project. The most updated version of the software is on my PC in storage, which is a big reason why i haven’t worked on it much. Soon as i get some things taken care of i’ll be working on it again. I’m considering adding it to google code so i can get some help with it.


The chat functions are almost complete. got some strange bug where it sends it twice despite my efforts to prevent it, so i’ll have to find out what’s causing that. Other than that i’m trying to as closely as i can emulate the original PSO style chat.


Screenshot below. Right now you can technically chat but the screen will get flooded with double windows. I’ll probably need to shrink them a bit more as well since they are taller than they need to be.


Moving around the lobby

Ok so i got the guys to move, it’s a bit choppy at te moment because right now i am only updating the position when the character’s state changes e.g. turning, stopping, running.


This will save me on bandwidth, what i have to do now is on the client side create a movement script that will move the character in the current direction smoothly until another state update.

I may just add chat in before i do this so least everyone can chat and run around somewhat while i work on this 😀 probably won’t happen until tomorrow night *yawn* it’s getting late.



Got the nametags up on the characters. i think i need to look over the code more i noticed the hair colors aren’t showing up properly.

Ya i am logged into the server that many times to see how bad of a hit i take fps wise with multiple instances of different actors. So far runs super smooth.