HUmarl in game

i was disappointed to some degree that unity scales bones when trying to animate with a different model. sort of a good thing and a bad thing, if i could find a way to turn that off it would save me a lot of time.

HUmarl is rigged

HUmarl is rigged and ready to be put in, right now as you cans ee if you have checked out the App the character select screen is up, I am currently in the process of rigging all the models so i can go on tot he next phase of character customization.

City Tour

Updated the app again, this time we are back in the *working* city, so you guys can check that out while i start on the opening scene and character creator. enjoy! P.S. stay off ragol lol!

City Shop soon!

good old city item shop soon to be open for business, just gotta fix this floor first.

So it begins, iPSO development on Unity

Demo app is up, will be updating it frequently so be sure to check back for changes, thanks everyone who is helping me test it.

Demo Lobby

Updated the app now using the new lobby for the demo. City area still needs some work… but this area is almost complete other than i need to make it so there is no way you can walk off edges. be careful lol.

New Lobby

Well friends say hello to the new lobby!