Upgraded Unity 3.4

Went ahead and updated the project to Unity 3.4, well lot’s of new features i’m still playing around with, but i suppose the biggest shock was to find they completely revamped the code editor to be more like an IDE, reminds me of Visual C++.

Pretty sweet.

Character Select screen working

Got the character select screen finished, for now at least you can choose your character and then it moves to the ship selection screen. I will be uploading a test server anyone can run to host a server. Right now i am going over the whole connection process so we can at least hang out in the lobby while i start implementing items. I’ve only updated the windows executable as i am still trying to get rid of a small bug on the mac version.

Character Select

Character Select screen is almost finished

Stand Alone Players available

While it’s still kind of early in development, you can however create your characters. This also allows me to run some backend tests on any bugs that may arise.

Currently i am working on the character select screen and then the ship server select screen. I will make the Server app available for download so anyone can host a dedicated server if they choose to.


Costume colors

Update, i have the costume colors done now for the first 6 characters (including cast), only 3 more to go and then it’s on to hair (or heads if cast). 😀

Costume customization

UPDATE! part way into the costume customization, so far you can change the faces on all the characters except for cast which require a completely different functionality. Right now you can change the costume of the HUmar and part of the HUmarl, there was some issues with HUmarls chest so i have to change the textures to fit properly. That and she requires more work anyways due to exposed skin in various places i have to also set it so it changes with the skin color.

Forest 1

got the forest 1 imported in except for all the doors and stuff, still need to work on emulating the water fx.

updated the main intro screen

Update! updated the main intro screen to look better and more like the original game. Part way into the costume creation, you can now at least view the other characters at the moment

All Player models rigged

All rigged!!

Last model

Last model to rig as far as players go, phew!