The chat functions are almost complete. got some strange bug where it sends it twice despite my efforts to prevent it, so i’ll have to find out what’s causing that. Other than that i’m trying to as closely as i can emulate the original PSO style chat.


Screenshot below. Right now you can technically chat but the screen will get flooded with double windows. I’ll probably need to shrink them a bit more as well since they are taller than they need to be.


Moving around the lobby

Ok so i got the guys to move, it’s a bit choppy at te moment because right now i am only updating the position when the character’s state changes e.g. turning, stopping, running.


This will save me on bandwidth, what i have to do now is on the client side create a movement script that will move the character in the current direction smoothly until another state update.

I may just add chat in before i do this so least everyone can chat and run around somewhat while i work on this ๐Ÿ˜€ probably won’t happen until tomorrow night *yawn* it’s getting late.



Got the nametags up on the characters. i think i need to look over the code more i noticed the hair colors aren’t showing up properly.

Ya i am logged into the server that many times to see how bad of a hit i take fps wise with multiple instances of different actors. So far runs super smooth.

We are online

Ok so i am right there, now when you go in you can see other people. I’m still updating the movement right now so people tend to teleport around instead of smoothly walking or running.


But at least right now loads up their character appearance properly.



Well it’s the start of the weekend so it looks like another round of changes i’ll be making to the base game. Let’s hope i can get the lobby working by sunday!

On a side note i’ve seen quite a few skins people have created for PSO that well never really made it to any sort of online mode that i know of. I think it would be good to reserve one of the lobby blocks to a costume store where people can use these wonderful creations of art in game.

I look forward to seeing more of this content. and weho knows i may add a form on here to allow people to upload the skin directly into the game.

Especially some of the HD remakes

Good old backend programming

Currently i am having to create room instances for people to join into, this way i can send the appropriate character data depending on where you are. So far so good. Least wise now i can see other people, just need to add movement and chat.


Anyways it’s getting there little by little.


Now that i can connec into the lobby i now have to make walk and running animations for now for each character.


Silly me

Somehow i forgot to include HP and TP when creating a character, so i went ahead and granted anyone who already made a character 100 hp and 100 tp.

At anyrate i got the HUD started as well as the characters base animations when walking and running around. I’m going to start coding the function to handle other people and we can do some chillin in teh lobbiez!


Woo Hoo made it to the lobby

Yay, i’m in the lobby now with my loaded character. Now to do the same for everyone else who joins and put in some chat.

So what’s up?

Well, i finally got the quirks out from the client server communication. So now very soon the lobby will be open for multiplayer testing ๐Ÿ˜€ probably within the week.