Pocket PSO has moved…

In order for me to continue development on this project and avoid possibly getting sued or a DMCA takedown i have rebranded the project under a different name using my own assets, essentially it’s a different game but i wanted to at the very least try to capture what made Classic PSO fun. If you are still interested in this project check us out at http://reveriestar.com

Here’s a demo of the gameplay at the moment.

I wanted to continue development of this fan game i started a while ago. I renamed it Pocket PSO. Mainly because i do have playable versions for android and iphone mobile devices which should be available soon. The online portion connects to a private photon server of mine, it’s the free version of photon which only allows 100 CCUs (basically only 100 people can be on at the same time).

If i find a way to rig multiple photon servers together under a master server i’ll implement it, but until then this is just how it goes.

Just wanted to give some updates on the status of the project

  • Converted project over to the latest version of Unity
  • Switched UI from old legacy UI to new UI
  • Switched old Networking to new Photon Networking
  • Added Gamepad Support
  • Added Touchscreen Support
  • Added VR Support (mobile only)

Here are some internal videos to show how the game is running so far.

Also here’s a couple shots of the game in VR mode.